Y2mate-Guru is an online video downloader that can download unlimited free videos from YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, and many other online streaming sites. You can download and save YouTube videos by just copying the video URL and past it to the search bar. Download Youtube Videos in Mp3 & Mp4 format in HD quality up to 720p & 1080p. 

Free YouTube Video Downloader

Y2mate-Guru allows you to convert & download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, Twitter, Dailymotion, SoundCloud etc. to Mp3, Mp4 in HD quality. Y2mate.guru supports downloading all video formats such as: MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3, WEBM, etc. You can easily download for free thousands of videos from YouTube and other websites.

Steps to Download Video from YouTube

  1. Copy Youtube video URL & paste the link of the video your want to download or convert into the Youtube Video Downloader Search bar
  2. The tool will show you the best possible video quality to download.
  3. Select the video/audio format you want to download.
  4. Click "Download" button to begin Downloading process.

The best YouTube Converter - YouTube to MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV

By using Y2mateguru YouTube Converter you can now easily convert YouTube videos to audio (M4A, MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC) or video (AVI, MP4, MPG, MOV, WMV, KMV, M4V, WEBM, FLV, 3GP) files and download them for free. Y2mate YouTube Converter is fully compatible with all devices (computers, tablets and mobile) and all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS...). Our YouTube Converter is for free and does not require any software or registration.

How to convert YouTube videos?

  1. Copy & Paste YouTube url into the search box.
  2. Choose output format you want to convert.
  3. Wait until the conversion is completed and download the file. Very easy and fast.

Y2mate-guru Review 2023

Y2mate Guru available at https://y2mate-guru.com/ is a famous & well-known video downloader tool working since 2010. This is a simple web-based video-downloading tool that allows users to grab unlimited free videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many other online video streaming sites. The Y2mateguru.com Youtube Downloader is mostly famous for Youtube Video Downloader but it's not limited to Youtube video downloading. 

Our first website y2mateguru.com is now redirected to the new domain y2mate-guru.com due to some copyright issues from YouTube. YouTube does not allow downloading videos for commercial purposes but you can save YouTube videos on your device for offline watching. The Y2matecom.guru online tool is specially designed for users who want to save their favorite videos and online lectures on their mobile and computer devices for educational purposes.

Students can download unlimited video lectures on their android, iPhone, and tablets to watch them anywhere without having an internet connection. You can also download videos from your own YouTube Channels to save them for later use or edit them to re-upload them on your YouTube channels. Another best thing is that this tool can convert your videos to MP3 and can download in top video formats like 720-WebM, 360-mp4, and 1080-web.

Features Overview

  • Free download: Download and Convert YouTube videos as much as you want without limitations and always free.
  • Easy-to-use video Downloader: Very simple and easy-to-use YouTube Downloader, Just you need to paste the link to get ready to download.
  • No Installation required: You can use Y2mate Downloader tool online so you don't need to install any third-party app or software on your Mobile & PC.
  • No more paid software: Now you don't need to pay for the premium video downloaders software and app for your mobile, you can use this tool from any web browser like, Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Edge on your android or desktop computer.
  • No registration required: Our downloader is free and you can download any video without user registration.
  • Best video downloader: The conversion and download speed is extremely fast. You do not need to wait long to get the MP3 or MP4 files.
  • No Pop-Up Ads: You will not see any unwanted and annoying pop-up ads on our website that aks you to download any unwanted software. We only show a limited number of display ads on our site those never bother you.
  • No Unwanted Redirects: Like other online video downloader tools, we will not force redirect you to any third-party sites or pages. You will stay on our website until you finish the downloads.
  • Fast Download Speed: We will never limit the download speed so you will get the maximum download speed to download your videos quickly, depending on your internet connection.
  • All-in-One Video Download Tool: Y2mate-guru.com is not just a simple YouTube Video Downloader, But you can also download videos from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and audio from SoundCloud.

Why download video from YouTube with y2mate गुरु?/y2 guru

While watching videos on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram sometimes you like a video and need to download it on your device for offline watching. But these online platforms don't provide any option to download videos from their sites. OR, if you don’t have time to watch the video online you try to download it to a computer or mobile device to watch it later or without the Internet during travel, flights, or classes. You need to look for an online tool to download that videos onto your device.

When you search on the internet for an online video downloader or Online YouTube downloader, you will find many tools claiming to provide you the video downloading solutions, but Y2mate-guru.com is one of the best YouTube video downloader tools that enables you to download unlimited YouTube videos without any charges or monthly subscription.

Secondly, Y2mate Guru is an online tool so you don't need to buy a tool and install it on your mobile or computer device. Offline video downloading software and apps are costly and not always safe to install on your device. Download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using your web browser. 

You can use the Y2mate-guru.com video downloader anytime, anywhere on any device. Whenever you need to download a video from any of the online streaming sites, search for y2mate-guru.com from your web browser and visit our site to gran the video. You can use this online tool on your android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu operating systems for free.

To save YouTube video y2mate guru is a complete solution for your desktop and android devices. Download y2mateguru mp4 video converter for your windows 7, Windows 10 & Windows 11 PC. YouTube to mp3 y2mate गुरु download will make your video downloading easy and simple. No monthly subscription, No Purchase, No Installation & No Fee, Use it absolutely free.

Is y2mate guru Safe?

Yes, Y2mateGuru (Y2mate-guru.com) is 100% safe to download videos from YouTube in HD quality. As you will not see any pop-up ads & unwanted redirects that you can see on other similar sites e.g. Y2mate.com & yt1s.com. The Y2mate-guru only shows a limited number of display ads, so you can easily download your favorite videos without having malware on your device.

Y2mate.guru vs Y2mate.com

Y2mate.guru is a great tool to download videos as compared to Y2mate.com because y2mate.com only allows you to download videos from Youtube, but Y2mate-guru.com has a lot more options to download videos from a number of online streaming sites. 

The second thing is the ads, Y2mate.com & Y2mate.io contains a lot of unwanted ads that take you to other sites and force you to download unwanted software that can harm your device and contains malware. But our site, y2mate-guru.com has no such pop-up ads, which is a big relief for users to download their favorite videos safely.

When you search for y2mate.guru on the internet, you will find many duplicate sites like Y2mate - W3Snoop (y2mate.guru.w3snoop.com), zeeguru.com, y2meta, y2mate.io, y2mateguru.io. and y2mate guru 2010, but only Y2mate-guru.com will provide you a real video download solution with safe & secure downloads.

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